FEIHU Battery-Powered Wrench: Unleashing Unmatched Power for Your Business

Welcome to the future of productivity and efficiency. At FEIHU, we are proud to introduce our latest innovation, the FEIHU Handheld High Torque Cordless Wrench. Designed to empower agents like you, this battery-powered wrench is set to revolutionize the way you work. With its exceptional performance, advanced features, and soft grip handle design, the FEIHU cordless wrench is poised to become your most valuable tool in achieving unparalleled results.


Unleash Unmatched Power with FEIHU Cordless Wrench

Equipped with a powerful brushless motor, the FEIHU cordless wrench packs a punch with an impressive 600N.m torque. This means you can tackle even the toughest tasks with ease and efficiency. No more struggling with stubborn bolts or wasting time on manual labor. The FEIHU battery-powered wrench empowers you to work smarter, not harder.


Uninterrupted Performance with Lithium-Ion Battery

Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements and hello to uninterrupted productivity. The FEIHU portable impact wrench comes with a high-capacity 3.0Ah/4.0Ah lithium-ion battery. This advanced battery technology ensures long-lasting power, allowing you to work for extended periods without worrying about running out of juice. With a real-time power display, you can easily monitor the battery level and plan your work accordingly.


Precision and Control at Your Fingertips

The FEIHU battery-powered wrench puts you in the driver's seat with its variable speed trigger and control panel. This enables you to adjust the speed up to 2400RPM, giving you the flexibility to match the tool's performance to the task at hand. Whether you need a gentle touch or maximum power, the FEIHU cordless wrench has got you covered.


Safeguard Bolt Threads with Forward/Reverse Mode

Protecting your equipment is crucial, and the FEIHU portable impact wrench understands that. Featuring a forward/reverse mode with an auto-stop in reverse, this innovative tool ensures the safety of bolt threads. You can confidently work on delicate projects, knowing that the FEIHU cordless wrench will prevent over-tightening and potential damage.


Illuminate Your Workspace with Built-In LED Light

Working in dimly lit conditions is no longer a challenge with the FEIHU battery-powered wrench. Equipped with a built-in LED light, this tool illuminates your workspace, ensuring precision and accuracy even in the darkest corners. You can bid farewell to shadows and guesswork, as the FEIHU cordless wrench shines a light on your path to success.


Lightweight Design for Enhanced Comfort

We understand that prolonged tool use can take a toll on your hands and body. That's why the FEIHU portable impact wrench features a lightweight design and a soft grip handle. This user-friendly combination provides optimal comfort during extended periods of operation, reducing fatigue and allowing you to focus on the task at hand. With the FEIHU cordless wrench, you can work comfortably all day long.



When it comes to delivering unmatched power, precision, and comfort, the FEIHU Handheld High Torque Cordless Wrench stands out as the ultimate choice for agents like you. With its brushless motor, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, variable speed control, safety features, LED light, and user-friendly design, the FEIHU cordless wrench is a true game-changer in the industry. Upgrade your toolkit today and experience the difference that FEIHU brings to your business. Trust in FEIHU, and empower your success.

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