Difference Between Lithium Drill 12V And 16.8V

Power drills are frequently used in our daily life. When we need to drill holes or install screws at home, we need to use power drills. There are also differences between power drills. The common ones are 12 volts and 16.8 volts. Then what is the difference between the two?

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What are the differences between 12V and 16.8V power drills?
1.The biggest difference between the two hand electric drills is the voltage, because one voltage is 12 volts, the other is 16.8 volts, which can be directly distinguished, and there will be a clear display on the package.

2.The speed is different. When running under different voltages, it will cause different speeds. In comparison, a 16.8 volt electric drill will have a relatively large speed.

3.The battery capacity is different. Due to the different voltages, so you need to choose different motors and configure different electronic capacities. The higher the voltage, the higher the electronic capacity.

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Classification of Electric Drills
1.Divided according to the purpose, there are screws or self-supplied screws, and the selection of electric drills is also different, some are more suitable for drilling metal materials, and some are suitable for wood materials.

2.Divided according to the voltage of the battery, the more commonly used is 12 volts, there are 16.8 volts, and 21 volts.

3.Divided according to the battery classification, one is lithium battery, and the other is nickel-chromium battery. The former is more popular because it is more portable and has less loss, but choose nickel-chromium battery the price of electric hand drill will be more expensive.

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