What Do You Know About Electric Drill

Electric drill is a drilling machine that uses electricity as power. It is a conventional product in power tools and the most in demand power tool product.


The main specifications of electric drills are 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 23, 32, 38, 49mm, etc. The numbers refer to the maximum diameter of the drill bit drilled on steel with a tensile strength of 390N/mm2. The maximum drilling diameter of non-ferrous metals, plastics and other materials can be 30-50% larger than the original specifications.

Classification & Difference

Electric drills can be divided into 3 categories: electric hand drills, impact drills, and hammer drills.

1. Hand electric drill: The power is the smallest, and the scope of use is limited to drilling wood and as an electric screwdriver. Some hand electric drills can be changed into special tools according to the purpose. There are many functions and models.
2. Impact drill: The impact mechanism of the impact drill has two types: dog tooth type and ball type. The ball-type impact drill is composed of movable plate, fixed plate, steel ball and so on. The moving plate is connected to the main shaft by a thread, and has 12 steel balls; the fixed plate is fixed on the casing with pins and has 4 steel balls. Under the action of thrust, 12 steel balls roll along the 4 steel balls. The cemented carbide drill bit produces a rotating impact motion, which can drill holes in brittle materials such as bricks, blocks, and concrete. Take off the nails, make the fixed plate and follower plate rotate together without impact, and can be used as an ordinary electric drill.
3. Hammer drill (electric hammer): It can drill holes in a variety of hard materials and has the widest range of use.

The prices of these three types of electric drills are arranged from low to high, and the functions increase accordingly. The selection needs to be combined with their respective scopes and requirements.

The difference between electric drill, impact drill, hammer drill and electric pick.
The electric hand drill simply relies on the motor to drive the transmission gear to increase the strength of the drill bit, so that the drill bit can scrape through metal, wood and other materials.
When the impact drill is working, there are two ways of adjusting knob at the drill chuck, adjustable drill and impact drill. But the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to jump to achieve the impact effect, and the impact force is far less than that of the electric hammer. It can also drill reinforced concrete, but the effect is not good.
Hammer drills (electric hammers) are different. They use the bottom motor to drive two sets of gear structures. One set realizes the drilling and the other sets the piston, which is like the hydraulic stroke of the engine, generating strong impact force. effect. Power can split stones and divide gold.
The electric pick is to let the motor drive the swinging mound to run in a bounce mode, so that the pick has the effect of gouge the ground. The hydraulic pump pick uses the gas pressure transmitted by the air compressor to drive the pump hammer in the electric pick to bounce back and forth, thereby producing the effect of the pick chisel hitting the ground, but the electric pick only chisels and its pick head does not rotate.

All in all, electric drills are only capable of drilling, and percussion drills can also have a slight hammering effect. The hammer drill can drill and higher hammering, while the electric pick is only for hammering and cannot drill.

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