FEIHU 12V Efficient Battery-Powered Cordless Grass Trimmer with Durable Blades and Brush Cutting Capabilities for Lawn Maintenance Garden tools-Green

SKU: FH-GT120-GR-1
Motor: Brush
No-loading speed: 9000rpm
Cutting Diameter: 5.5in(140mm)
Battery capacity: 1.5Ah/2.0Ah or 1.5Ah/2.0Ah*2

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This cordless grass trimmer is a great aid for everyday garden repairs and gardening. It is suitable for mowing lawns, trimming grass edges, and cleaning weeds on a daily basis.

The grass trimmer is flexible and efficient, and the cordless design is not bound by the power cord. High-speed blade rotation can improve the efficiency of trimming.

Its excellent user-friendly design can meet the needs of different users. The removable design is very portable and easy to store.


  • High performance motor, up to 9000rpm, fast mowing of lawns and shrubs
  • Double switch safety lock, prevent miscontact, protect the safety of users
  • The protective cover protects the blade from hitting hard objects and damaging the blade
  • Disassembly design, rod height adjustment according to demand
  • Three blades are interchangeable to suit different trimming needs


  • Voltage: 12V
  • Motor: Brush
  • Battery capacity: 1.5Ah
  • No-loading speed: 9000rpm
  • Cutting Diameter: 5.5in(140mm)
  • Item model number: ‎ FH-GT120
  • Function: lawn mowing
  • Included Component: 1 x 12V cordless grass trimmer, 1 or 2x 1.5Ah lithium battery, 1 x charger, 3 x plastic blades  ,  1 x carton

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